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“Providing quality service through twelve counties in the South”

services we offer

"We are absolutely delighted with the way the organ is now playing and sounding after the rebuild "

We aim to offer a full range of organ building services within the disciplines recognised by the Institute of British Organ Building. For your convenience, these are summarised below.

Tuning & Maintenance

We look after some 200 instruments through twelve counties in the south of England and the Channel Islands. These range from a two and a half stop chamber organ built in 1602 by Hoffheimer at Carisbrooke Castle Museum, to major instruments such as Christchurch Priory and St John's RC Cathedral Portsmouth, for which we provide regular tuning services.

Cleaning & Overhaul

The conservation of existing organs is a natural extension of the service we offer for tuning and maintenance. Cleaning and overhaul is carried out as part of the planned maintenance of pipe organs, removing the build-up of dust and dirt, and overhauling the actions, soundboards and pipes. We also carry out the complete releathering of bellows and motors as necessary.


In recent years, a greater appreciation of the need to properly restore some of the best work of the past for future generations has marked a sea-change in attitudes to older instruments. This may involve the reversal of alterations, or additions, made after the organ was built and the methods, materials and techniques used in original construction are copied as closely as possible. One such project was completed at Shalfleet, outlined in volume 10 of 'Organ Building' from the IBO. You can read the article here.


Sometimes a poorly designed layout, tonal scheme or action indicates rebuilding to be the sensible option. We try to ensure any changes are sympathetic to the style of a particular organ especially where alterations in appearance or tonality are envisaged.

Insurance Work

Inspection of damage through outside elements and submission of a report and estimate for remedial works to the insurance company is a frequent aspect of our work.