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"The work has been carried out with care and efficiency, and with a minimum of disruption. We have no hesitation in recommending the Andrew Cooper & Co "

We have a number of projects in hand and we are pleased to highlight a few of them below for you to explore.

St Stephen's Church, Rochester Row, London

This organ, originally by Sweetland, was moved from a constraining organ chamber at the east end of the church to a new west gallery. The casework has been altered to suit the move.

St Thomas Junction, Leith

This is the original location of the organ to be installed within St Stephen's Church, Rochester Row. When compared to the initial drawing in this sequence, the suitability of the casework to the new position can easily be seen.

All Saints, East Harnham, Salisbury


St Michael the Archangel, Shalfleet, Isle of Wight

At Shalfleet we were engaed to provide the installation of a relocated instrument which we undertook. An article outlining the project was published in the IBO journal 'Organ Building' Volume 10 which you can read about here.

Holy Trinity Church, Bramley, Surrey

The instrument was built in 1877 and rebuilt by T.C. Lewis in 1904. It bears a fine case by Sir Walter Tapper, which was moved, together with the organ, to the west end of the church in 1965. The instrument was rebuilt by Cousans of Lincoln at that time. We have been commissioned to rebuild the organ, providing a new double magnet action for the Swell and Great soundboards. Various tonal modifications will rationalise the Great and Pedal divisions while a new transmission and piston facility will be provided.